12 Small Bedroom Ideas to Make the Most of Your Space

Tiny bedroom getting you down? We feel you. That's why we've rounded up the 12 best  small-bedroom  ideas that will maximize your space and bring new life to your room. It may  seem  like your options are confined to squeezing in a bed and—if you’re lucky—a nightstand, but there are ways to pack plenty of style into your limited space. Also, don't overlook the benefits. “I actually prefer smaller bedrooms to larger ones,” says Portland, Oregon, designer  Max Humphrey , whose own bedroom is on the small side. “They’re cozier and you don’t have to waste money furnishing a room with a seating area no one will ever use.” Ready to embrace your small bedroom? Read on for tips on how to maximize your small bedroom with design, decor, and layout inspiration, complete with expert insights from Max. 1. Keep the Layout Simple Max centered the bed in this space, leaving room to walk on either side. Photo: Sarah Dorio for Max Humphrey Interior Design There isn’t a magic trick to the lay

10 Renovation Trends You’ll be Seeing a Lot of in 2022

As much as we willed 2021 to be a return to “normal”—or at least a departure from 2020—the year was still an uphill battle full of uncertainty. Some of us slowly returned to an office, which we inhabited only part-time. New commutes began from pandemic-acquired country homes or suburban houses. We tested the waters of in-person hangouts, parties, and vacations. Ultimately, we still spent a lot of time at home. So, what will 2022 bring? It’s hard to say. But to get those dream lists and projects ideating, we tapped 16 experts—from an array of interiors backgrounds—to tell us their home  renovation predictions  for the new year. Let’s keep on renovating in 2022! Save Casa com Ambientes Investments in the home office “There will be an increase in home offices—homeowners are trading kitchen counters for more professional dedicated spaces. The Zoom fatigue is real, but so is the realization that the backdrop for those visual calls needs to step up. Allocating space for a home office often i